Chunki Chilli Organic Cotton Wolf - Fly Jesse

Chunki Chilli Organic Cotton Wolf

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This beautiful Chunki Chilli hand knitted organic cotton soft toy, makes a truly special gift, that is not just for children and babies. We know quite a few adults who melt when they see them and some who collect them religiously. Because each soft toy is handmade, each is slightly different and has a personality of its own. Each soft toy has been painstakingly hand-knitted in certified organic cotton and padded with Oeko-Tex certified stuffing. Which makes them very soft and beautifully made and designed to last.

-The Coat Can Be Removed
-Height is 32cm Tall.
-Age 3+.
-Handmade in Certified Organic Cotton.
-The Stuffing is Oeko-Tex Polyester.
-Machine Washable.